Provenance EMU

Provenance is an open source, multi-platform emulator for iOS and tvOS. Originally created by James Addyman as a part of OpenEMU to iOS for NES, SNES and Genesis systems.

The project was eventually ported by myself to full Swift and protocol oriented design to more easily incorporate other open source emulator’s engines into our code base.

I got involved and eventually took over the project. We were the first team to deliver full performance Nintendo 64 emulation to iOS without jailbreaks that rely on JIY compilation.

We also have the only modern port of Jaguar, ported by myself from legacy Windows code Open Jaguar, to ARM64 and SIMD C. Other ports include Mednafen’s Playstation 1, Reicast’s only working iOS port of Dreamcast and more systems in development such as Sega Saturn and Sony PSP.

Community Chat: Discord
Twitter: @provenanceapp

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